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Eco-designed furniture

Definition of eco-design, ecodesign or ecological design

Eco-design is a preventive approach that consists in designing a product, from the design phase, in order to minimize its environmental impact by taking into account its impacts on the environment throughout its life cycle, from the extraction of raw materials to its recovery at the end of life. All the effects of eco-design can be measured by conducting a life cycle analysis of a product (LCA) with specialized software but these are expensive and still difficult to access. We repeat this LCA taking into account different designs, different materials, different manufacturing processes,... and we retain what produces the best result. Let's take the example of our oak Wak bar stool: it is made with natural oak certified PEFC, from local sustainably managed forests, it is a renewable and recyclable material. The design allows to minimize the volume of material used, the structure is 15 mm thick and the seat is only 5mm thick. This also allows to reduce its weight. It is stackable, this allows in addition to facilitate the use to reduce the volume during storage and transport. The wood glue used is free of formaldehyde and is not harmful to humans or the environment. The oil finish provides a natural, durable and easily repairable protection. The quality of workmanship and materials ensures durability and repairability to extend the life of this stool and minimize its environmental impact.

Manufacturer of eco-designed furniture

All our furniture is eco-designed, meaning that from the design phase, everything is thought of to minimize the impact of the furniture on the environment throughout its life cycle. Today we do not perform LCA but our choices in terms of design and conception are made with a proven expertise in eco-design, with common sense and with strong environmental concerns so that we can now reasonably claim to be among the most demanding furniture manufacturers in the world in terms of eco-design.

Tables, bancs, tabourets,.. tous nos meubles sont éco-conçus

Ecological raw materials

We select as much as possible natural, renewable and sustainable materials such as the wood we use, which comes almost exclusively from French forests and in the vast majority from our region of Burgundy Franche-Comté.

Anecdotally, we sometimes have a small batch of exceptional wood from neighboring Switzerland, but never from another continent. Wood is a natural material, renewable when it is exploited reasonably as it is the case in France. To ensure this reasoned exploitation, we select PEFC certified wood all along the chain of custody from the forest of origin. The finishing oil we use is also derived from renewable natural resources. When possible we use reusable packaging such as blankets (delivery by us or special furniture transport), when this is not the case (shipping packages or pallets) we prefer to use corrugated cardboard packaging which is partly recycled and fully recyclable.

Environmentally friendly manufacturing

We design our furniture to be resource and energy efficient. Economical in terms of materials by using the least amount of wood possible and the least amount of wood possible so that it dries more quickly and therefore uses less energy. Energy saving by developing designs that reduce the number of processes required and favour efficient and energy-saving processes. The entire conduct of our workshops is organized to aim for the least impact through insulation, heating, lighting, waste management, optimization of resources, ...

Ecological uses

Optimizing storage and transportation by reducing weight and volume reduces the impact of logistics between the end of manufacturing and delivery to the end user, including the carbon footprint of transportation. The design and manufacturing quality of our furniture make it durable, which is one of the most important points to reduce its impact. They are easy to maintain and can be restored in case of accidents, wear or breakage. The spare parts are accessible without time limit in our workshop but any good specialized craftsman will be able to repair them if needed and the natural materials used are accessible to almost everyone. Discover how to preserve and repair your furniture in the "Maintenance" tab and acquire maintenance and repair products in the "maintenance products" page.

Ecological end of life

Everything is done to make our furniture as durable as possible and we can imagine them in a few centuries in the store of an antique dealer or in the workshop of a restorer but we must realize that some of them will not have such a great destiny and they are therefore also designed for that. The materials used are mostly natural, compostable, recyclable, and even reusable and can therefore be recovered at the end of their life. When there are several materials, they are assembled in such a way that they can be easily disassembled with common tools in order to valorize them respectively in the best channels which will be intended for them.

Furniture made of natural wood

We use almost exclusively natural solid wood in the manufacture of each piece of furniture: tables, chairs, stools and other furniture and the only transformation it undergoes before entering our workshop is the sawing into boards in local sawmills. Contrary to wood panels from the industry, the solid wood we use is therefore little transformed, and remains free of often harmful chemical substances. Traditional all-wood cabinetry assemblies are still preferred over metal or plastic assemblers and hardware. The wood glue we use when necessary is guaranteed to be free of formaldehyde (a harmful substance often found in panels used by the furniture industry). The natural vegetable oil finish ensures that the natural qualities of the material are preserved and that the air quality in your home is healthy and pleasant to live in. 

Furniture made of French wood

Our region, Burgundy Franche-Comté, is the most wooded region in France and its forest offers a remarkable diversity and quality of trees. It is therefore quite natural that we use this natural resource of local, renewable and sustainable wood to manufacture all our furniture. The trees we use come from natural forests, not planted by man and offering a great diversity of tree species. Beyond the pleasure of working with wood that we have seen growing in our forests and supporting the local economy, this ensures the best carbon footprint and the least impact on our environment. 

Bois local et durable région Franche-Comté

Sustainable wood furniture

Our company has been committed to the PEFC process since 2012 and has set up a PEFC chain of custody. This certification ensures among other things that the wood used comes from sustainably managed forests. This control of the sustainability of the resource occurs throughout the supply chain: the forests where the trees come from are certified, the sawyers who transform the trees into boards are certified and we are the last link in this chain of custody as a manufacturer and distributor of furniture. As such, we are regularly audited by an independent certification body.      

N° de licence : PEFC/10-32-2633    N° de chaîne contrôle: QUAL/12-716

These trees that we select come from natural local forests, not planted by man, these ecosystems when well treated ensure a natural renewal of the resource. It is a true model of inspiration in circular economy: there is no input brought by the man, the trees sow themselves naturally, the fall of the leaves and the branches ensure the amendment of the ground. The silviculturist who intervenes intelligently does not need to sow, plant, prune, or perform other artificial cultivation practices than to intelligently take a bit of this immense resource by ensuring it the time to renew itself naturally while preserving biodiversity.